The project was made of Luna meme coins at the time of the Luna project's minting. The victims of the Luna case launched it to let them know that there is a safe project, not mint, like Luna.
Tax is locked at 0% .lp. Team funds are also locked. 
It can never be mint because it burned the owner's shop. Very safe.
We started with meme coins, but in the future, we will be a real utility token project that pays rewards in conjunction with defi, (staking etc)

dokwon token economy
Pancake Swap Fair Lunch
max supply 1,000,000,000$dokwon
no tax 0%

team token 5%                                              
staking reward 5%
Pancake Swap Liquidity 90%

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2022. Q2
Homepage creation (continuously updated)
Social Media Creation (Continuously Updated)
Token Generation
Pancake Swap Fair Launch
CoinGecko listing
white paper production
token audit
cmc listing
nft Marketplace and Staking Platform Development
Ongoing development and roadmap updates

$dokwon token project
This is a meme project created to mock $luna's ceo dokwon $luna project.
He committed the crime of rug destroying the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
shoots him and his project.
$dokwon project
We will start small but we will list on cmc and coingecko and we will also list on cex
In the future, nft Marketplace and Staking Platform Development

white paper